i34867er0apArtist: Yndi Halda

Album: Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Released: Jan 23, 2007

Label: Big Scary Monsters

Yndi Halda is a post-rock group much in the same vein as Explosions in the Sky and Caspian.  The group hails from Canterbury, UK and is characterized by what may be called a more positive thematic than many other post-rock groups.  As opposed to the guitar heavy landscapes of Explosions in the Sky, Yndi Halda paints its panoramas with seas of strings, punctuating their pieces with guitar and banjo among other instruments.

With only four tracks “Enjoy Eternal Bliss” clocks in at an impressive hour and five minutes long.  These aren’t songs you should listen to on a quick drive to get milk, but don’t let the length of the pieces intimidate you.  The album begins quiet and wavering until guitar, drums and a single violin kick in a couple minutes through.  One of the last things this album is, is rushed.  The song gradually picks up momentum as the guitar intensifies into searing high notes and the violin follows the dynamic.  Short pauses in the song keep the force of the music fresh and allows it to gain more power every time it intensifies.

Halfway through the track, the power ends and you are left with only intermittent melodic guitar chords.  The second half of “Dash and Blast” builds in much the same way as the first, but then becomes a driving piece, powered by the drums as well as two guitars trading harmonic pickings.  Finally, a clarinet appears above the wall of music and guides it into a grand chorus that concludes with an expected and welcome quiet guitar outro.

“A Song for Starlit Beaches” features wistful stretches of strings and a banjo, slowly and wistfully being plucked.  The piece assembles more instruments including piano and guitar and moves gradually higher.  The song builds toward several crashing crescendos like an ocean in unfavorable weather, but always avoids becoming a squall.  In between the two thunderous upsurges is a point where only quiet piano guides the work, until a violin takes up a poignant melody before rejoining the other strings as a guitar tears the piece into another culmination.  The track is brought to a close through a reemergence of banjo, which is then joined by a ear-piercing slide guitar and finally the strings.

“Enjoy Eternal Bliss” functions as well as a whole album as it does within the ambitious songs it contains.  Perfect for a rainy morning, or strangely, a bright sunny afternoon, this album is sure to help you reach a pensive state that can break your writer’s block or spur you to take out that instrument you have neglected.